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Welcome to Aloha Sourced where you'll find all natural bamboo body care and handcrafted in small batches. Our soaps are created by using quality ingredients and thoughtfully combined essential oils to give you the most beneficial, nourishing soaps possible.

Aloha Sourced is inspired by Hawaii. Our journey began on the Big Island where we draw from those experiences. We believe in taking a simplistic design approach but paying attention to detail all while being conscious of our environmental impact. We are inspired by using quality ingredients that we know are ethically sourced.

We love and have a connection with bamboo. We utlize bamboo in all of our products whether it is powder, activated charcoal, extract and/or leaves. An extemely renewable resource, bamboo has many skincare benefits such as being a natural exfoliant and high levels of silica.  

We hope you find our bamboo bodycare to be as nourishing and beneficial as we do! 

Made with aloha.