Bambooty Coffee Scrub

Bambooty Coffee Scrub

$ 15.00

Our Bambooty coffee scrub is an amazing four-ingredient scrub that is like our Maui Braddah Joe Coffee Soap bar, but in scrub form. Scrubs are beneficial by removing dead skin cells using the exfoliation features of coffee grounds and bamboo powder, while the rubbing motion boosts circulation and increases blood flow to the skin surface helping to tone the skin.

Our Bambooty scrubs have many uses. Use it on your face. Use it all over your body. Bambooty got its name from its ability to work against that stubborn cellulite on our thighs and booty because of our bamboo powder and coffee bean scrub.

We recommend using our scrub once a week for sensitive/damaged skin and three times a week for healthy skin. 

*Note: coconut oil in scrub will soften or melt at 92 degrees or higher. For best results, keep cool or refrigerate.