About Us

The word “Aloha” has many meanings. It’s known as a greeting, but can mean love as well. Yes, we put a lot of “aloha” into our products. Let’s break down the word Aloha and give you the true meaning behind it of why we chose to name our company Aloha Sourced. An article by: Curby Rule entitled: The Deeper Meaning of Aloha gave this break down of the word:

ALO, 1. sharing 2. in the present
HA, life energy, life, breath

We like this interpretation because it’s a reflection of what Aloha Sourced is. To share and be a source of knowledge. Bringing life and connecting a story to our soaps and scrubs by sourcing the best ingredients locally and from Hawaii in the most environmentally friendly way.

 We create handcrafted cold-process bamboo soaps and scrubs made in small batches using quality ingredients and thoughtfully combined essential oils to give you the most beneficial, nourishing soaps possible. We love Bamboo and we put bamboo powder in each of our soaps and scrubs. Bamboo is eco-sustainable, very versatile, and has many uses and benefits. In our soaps, bamboo powder acts as a natural exfoliate; its texture is fine enough that it’s not too abrasive on sensitive skin.

The skin is the largest organ in our body and we started Aloha Sourced because we were concerned with what we were "cleaning" ourselves with conventional soaps.

Along our journey, we’re finding out that we're not alone when trying to relieve our symptoms of skin issues, whether that be dry skin, acne, or psoriasis.

We choose our ingredients for a reason and only utilize what we've researched. Our soaps have a functional purpose and thoughtfully combined essential oils to give your skin what it needs.

Our inspiration is drawn from Hawaii and culture that looks to nature in the healing of skin ailments. Janie Joy, co-owner suffers from Figurate Erythema (skin condition), was born in the Philippines and grew up in Hawaii. She is our creator of essential oil combinations and ingredients for each of our soaps. Her grandfather was a natural healer and his knowledge and uses of plants for natural healing is her inspiration to keep that knowledge perpetuated as reflected in our products. Along with her partner, Daniel, whose love for nature, minimalist design approach and concern towards making minimal impact on the environment created Aloha Sourced Bamboo Soaps to be both beneficial for the skin AND for the environment.

Aloha and Mahalo!

Daniel + Janie