Passion for creativity and real estate. Like with our soaps, we bring life and connect our story in styling and preparing your home before market listing. We offer property styling, home sale preparation, and creative design. 


Property presentation implementing design techniques to appeal to the highest number of potential buyers. It also provides prospective buyers an idea of how furniture could be placed in the home. Statistics shows that well presented homes move more quickly off the market and potential sale at desired price.

We offer limited to full styling services. Prices vary from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars depending on the amount of rooms/square footage, type of furnishings, and the amount of time needing this service (usually 30-60 days). We assist in helping you choose the right level of service suiting your needs.
  • Limited Furnishing. Ideal for an occupied home. Rearranging current furnishing, addition of small pieces to enhance the home, and fresh floral arrangement for open house. 
  • Essential Furnishing. Presenting and styling main areas that potential buyers look for a frame of reference in visualizing size and scale. 
  • Full Furnishing. Creative design for vacant homes that needs full staging and styling.

We highly recommend doing “Enhancement & Improvements” to maximize the potential benefits of property styling.




Consultation to interested potential home sellers who wants to sell their home at the highest sale price. We assist in preparing your home before listing. This is based on home analysis and recommendations that brings the most value at the lowest cost.

  •  Enhancement & Improvements. Assess your home’s current conditions and offer a proposal of improvements. Proposed work range from painting, repairs & refinishing, and cleaning services. Pricing is reflective of recommended work. We assist in selecting the best recommendation that will give the most value to your home.
  • Realtor referral. If you don’t already have one, we have a realtor in house that offer a free competitive pricing recommendation based on comparables, market condition, timing, and that aligns with work completed.
  • Professional photographer referral. Refer you to one if your current agent isn't already working with a professional photographer. Great photos make a tremendous difference.
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    Curating unique and beautiful pieces, creative design to fit your style and space. We also offer event services.

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