Citrus Spice Bamboo Soap
Citrus Spice Bamboo Soap
Citrus Spice Bamboo Soap

Citrus Spice Bamboo Soap

$ 8.00

Similar to our Zesty Ginger Soap Bar, but with some holiday spirit. We've added cinnamon, clove, and cranberry seeds to create a sharp, spicy aroma with benefits known to promote skin smoothness, combat acne and decrease inflammation.


Our ginger, cinnamon and clove essential oils combined with our uplifting citrus notes provide an amazing cleansing experience and to help increase circulation. Our citrus blend is a combination of tangerine, lemon, orange and grapefruit which help detoxify your skin.


Fresh Ginger essential oil: promotes skin smoothness, skin toning, and reduction of inflammation.

Citrus essential oils: natures disinfectant; helps detoxify skin and provide a cleansing experience.

Cinnamon: Increase circulation and decrease inflammation.

Clove: Known to help treat acne, lesson dark circles, and fight fungal infections

Calendula Extract: Used to disinfect minor woods and speed up the healing process.

Our soap is made with bamboo powder to give you a natural, exfoliating bar that smooths away rough patches while our hydrating ingredients won't strip your skin of moisture.

Our products do not contain Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) and are paraben-free. Only natural ingredients using organic coconut oil, organic olive oil, organic palm oil (sustainably sourced), organic canola oil (non-GMO), and organic avocado oil.