Experimenting with Soap Sample Packaging

When soap making, it's inevitable to have leftover slivers of soap of each batch when cutting bars. I enjoy working with these pieces and try to come up with ways to utilize everything. These end-pieces can be great samples or party favors. 

My recent idea was to use the sample pieces and package it to resemble a matchbook. The inspiration came to me a few weekends ago when visiting my local watering hole in Laguna Beach, The Saloon cocktail bar. They have a jar of matchbooks just like many locations used to give away (bars, hotels, restaurants) and it would include their logo. I don't smoke, but always like collecting different matchbooks. Not many places do this anymore (probably since outlawing smoking indoors), so it's cool to find these. There almost like business cards to me. Anyways, Back to soaps...

I thought it would be cool to replicate this idea to let people try my new soaps and get my brand out there. 

I took the packaging a step further by using biodegradable Seed Paper with embedded wild flowers. Instead of throwing the paper in the trash, put it in soil and watch the flowers grow!

We had our beginnings in Hawaii and are always inspired by the people and culture. Being taught to utilize your resources and food is important in our soap making approach. Try to use everything and leave little waste.

Look for the matchbook soaps in our online store or contact us if you are interested in custome party/wedding favors!



Soap packaging


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