Puanani Bath Tea
Puanani Bath Tea
Puanani Bath Tea

Puanani Bath Tea

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Puanani: meaning Beautiful Flower in Hawaiian. A woman's sacred part is like a delicate beautiful flower. 

A calming and beneficial blend of herbs and natural ingredients: Kula lavender buds and leaves, handpicked and dried guava leaves (Haiku, Maui), calendula, bamboo leaf powder, and activated charcoal.

This purifying blend of herbs/leaves act as a detoxifier, astringent, and calming agent to aid in the treatment of womanly issues such as menstrual cramps and vaginal infections. The warm bath has the ability to open your skin's pores and allows yourself to soak up the nourishing benefits of our bath tea.

In the Philippines, bayawas (guava leaves), were often boiled in water and used as a wash after a woman gave birth. This was done to stop uterine hemorrhaging and to prevent bacterial infection. Guava leaves, the main ingredient in our Puanani Tea is a revival and perpetuation of a cultural method of natural healing but now with a modern convenience.

Key Ingredients:

Lavender: calming, stress-relief, reduces inflammation,  muscle relief, antiseptic, naturally antibiotic, detoxifier.

Guava Leaves: recognized by Philippines Dept. of Health for its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties to treat swollen legs and other body parts. Astringent properties for treating wounds, sores, and skin ulcers.

Calendula: an excellent herb for the skin. It can provide relief for dry, itchy, or irritated skin.  Soothing and anti inflammatory. Known to have antibiotic properties to help prevent the development of infection. 

Activated Charcoal: detoxifies and removes impurities by absorbing a high volume of bacteria, toxins and micro-particles from pores. It's a great natural remedy for common skin issues. It's known to combat acne, soothe eczema, and help the healing process for rashes. 

Bamboo leaf tea: silica is the essence of bamboo. Silica stimulates the rapid re-growth of damaged skin tissue. It's also known to support connective tissue, which tends to degrade as we age. This is why wrinkles appear and skin begins to sag. 


For your Nani: place one tea bag into running bath and let steep. Fill water with enough water to cover your lower region. Water will turn grayish from the charcoal. Relax and enjoy for for 15-20 minutes or a suitable time that you're comfortable with.

For a fullbody bath: fill tub with enough warm water to cover your upper body and let the herbs steep. The warm bath opens pores and allows your skin better absorption.

No Bath tub? No problem! Boil 4-6 cups and steep tea. Let cool to a manageable, warm temperature and pour into a small tub. Take caution to not burn yourself.

Each pouch is for single use. Each order receives 3 pouches.

External use only. Avoid bath during menstruation and pregnancy. This the product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.